Embrace a new horizon of healthcare, at the first ever digital health tech-focused hackathon organised by NUS Medicine. Make an impact with the latest and greatest digital empowerment tools—a low-code software platform means anyone and everyone can help reshape the future of healthcare.

Form teams of 2-5 and register to stand a chance to win up to SGD20,000 in attractive cash prizes and access to a fully funded, cutting-edge accelerator programme. Join the vanguard of a greener, healthier medical movement today!

Champion a
Healthier Tomorrow

The face of medicine is rapidly evolving with current technological growth, with advances in artificial intelligence and digital technology changing the way we learn and practice medicine. Health Hack 2024 seeks to leverage these tools to address the most pressing issues facing modern medical professionals in this year’s themes of Healthcare Sustainability and Medical Education.

For registered participants, our Opening Day event on 6 January offers a unique opportunity to explore these themes and learn more about the hackathon, as well as network with experts from across the industry.

Healthcare Sustainability

  1. The global healthcare sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, yet there is a lack of clarity at the individual level regarding specific areas of impact and potential solutions. How can innovative technological tools enable healthcare facilities to accurately identify their carbon hotspots and subsequently create effective strategies for emission reduction?
  1. Sustainability in healthcare is a behavioural challenge intertwined with scientific complexities. How can we leverage technology to incentivise and empower healthcare professionals to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily routines, thereby contributing to a greener healthcare system?

Medical Education

  1. Medical education is evolving due to shifts in health care and the rise of advanced technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence. To prepare future healthcare professionals, educators must integrate these technologies into their curriculum. How can we effectively track and document students’ learning, and provide immediate feedback to ensure precise and tailored education?
  1. Patients often find medical reports and terminology confusing, leading to unnecessary worry. Although doctors can discern critical findings, patients might misinterpret minor details as serious. How can we create a tool that turns technical medical data into easy-to-understand language, helping patients grasp their health status and align with their doctors’ main concerns?

Double Up on Prizes

The following cash prizes will be awarded to teams that win a
top 3 placement—for each theme!




Winning teams will have the chance to be enrolled in a fully funded,
cutting-edge accelerator programme, with next-level access to:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Industry partners
  • Clinical validation data sets
  • State-of-the-art testbeds at public healthcare systems
  • Premier mentorship opportunities, to further develop winning solutions

Team Up Today

Health Hack 2024 is open to everyone. Submissions must be as a
team of at least 2 persons. Register today as:

A team of 2-5 individuals

Or an individual with the intent to find team members during the Opening Day event

Save These Dates

  • 17 November 2023 Registration Opens
  • 5 January 2024 Registration Closes
  • 6 January 2024 Catch up on Opening Day here
  • Submissions Open
  • 13 January 2024 Power Platform Training
    by Microsoft and SimplifyNext (In person)
  • 4 February 2024 Submissions Close
  • 9 February 2024 Announcement of Finalists
  • 17 February 2024 Finals Day


keyboard_arrow_up Do I need a team to participate?

While you can register as an individual, you need to be in a team for submission. There will be plenty of networking avenues during Opening Day for you to find like-minded individuals to form a team.

keyboard_arrow_up Do I need any programming experience to join?

Certainly not! We have partnered with Microsoft and SimplifyNext to bring you free access to Microsoft Power Platform, a highly accessible, low-code platform that is suitable for anyone interested in software development, regardless of experience. Additionally, we will be providing complimentary workshops to teach you how to use Power Platform.

keyboard_arrow_up Do I need to have a project idea before the hackathon starts?

Not at all. Come down on Opening Day to hear from leading experts about where the real-world problems and gaps lie in healthcare that need solving. We are also releasing the problem statements that day and can guide you in your solutions. In addition, we will release problem statements on Opening Day to guide you to solve!

keyboard_arrow_up Can my team submit a solution for each theme?

Yes! Bonus marks will be awarded for solutions that effectively address this year’s themes.

keyboard_arrow_up Is attendance compulsory at each event?

No, but you’ll be missing out on the swag! We strongly encourage you to attend all the events to broaden your horizons and forms bonds with people in the space. Please indicate your intention to join on the registration forms so we can cater sufficient space for you.

keyboard_arrow_up Why is the hackathon so long? Do I need to take leave for the entire duration?

No. The key event dates are Opening Day (6 Jan), in-person Power Platform Training (13 Jan) and Finals Day (17 Feb). Further details can be found in the Save the Date above. You are given the rest of the time to hack up a submission before 4 February. There is no need to apply for leave for the entire duration of the hackathon.

keyboard_arrow_up How much is registration?

Registration is FREE for everyone. Physical attendees to our Opening Day will get swag as well.

keyboard_arrow_up Can overseas people join?

Most certainly, everyone is welcome. Except for the Power Platform training, our event is hybrid and anyone from anywhere can sign up and submit their team's idea.

keyboard_arrow_up How much time do I need to create a solution?

If you already have a solution, you can begin working on it right now. Submissions close on 4 February so you will have time to work on it from now til then. If you do not have any problems in mind, join us on Opening Day to hear from leading experts about the latest advancements to inspire your solution. We will also be releasing problem statements on Opening Day to guide your solutions.

keyboard_arrow_up Where can I ask for help if I'm stuck?

Reach out to us at healthhack@nus.edu.sg and we can connect you with our speakers or subject matter experts in the field. After the Power Platform training, we will have clinics to help teams with technical troubleshooting if required.

keyboard_arrow_up How many final presentations will there be and how will the finalist selection happen?

Up to 10 finalists will be selected by our judging panel to pitch their ideas on Finals Day. The submissions will be judged based on functionality, technical feasibility and relevance to the themes of Healthcare Sustainability & Medical Education.